News Mon, 26 Sep 2016 00:10:07 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb SPONSORED ARTICLE: Campden BRI supports TUCO tenders with sensory assessment

Campden BRI has enjoyed a long standing and mutually beneficial association with TUCO, providing independent and objective sensory quality assessments as part of the TUCO Quick Frozen Foods and Grocery Provisions and Chilled Foods Tender process for over 20 years.


Campden BRI is a membership based food and drink research organisation with 2,400 members across 75 countries. It provides the food and allied industries with the practical, scientific, technical and advisory services required to ensure product safety and quality, process and product innovation, and operational efficiency.


Recently Campden BRI conducted sensory evaluation on TUCO’s Grocery Provisions and Chilled Foods tender samples. These assessments enable TUCO to make an informed decision regarding which contract to award to which suppliers and so are an extremely important part of the tendering process. The sensory quality team assessed a total of 179 products from 17 suppliers covering 20 product groups. The team (a small panel of screened, trained and experienced sensory quality assessors) graded the products using the relevant Campden BRI Canned Food specification (grading for defects and sensory evaluation as well as evaluating drained weights, Brix and pH where appropriate). Sensory Quality Grading (an in-house developed method) was also applied; in this case products were independently graded by the team on a 1-9 quality grading scale with objective comments recorded for appearance, odour, flavour and texture. The results of each product assessment and sample identification/coding details were reported in full.


A TUCO sampling day was hosted by Campden BRI at its Chipping Campden site on 2nd August 2016, to provide TUCO with the opportunity to conduct direct assessments. All 179 tender products were re-submitted and assessed by a team of 6 TUCO representatives led by Jane Eve, Head of Contracts at TUCO. The TUCO team independently assessed and scored the products using the internal TUCO scoring system. To minimise assessor bias, products were presented blind with no supplier information available during the assessments. At the end of each product group, the scores were automatically collated, products rated from first to last position and the supplier names finally revealed.


We all judge what we eat and drink by its sensory qualities. Working with Campden BRI, TUCO has developed a robust process for assessing the sensory quality of products to be delivered by suppliers awarded contracts through the tender process.

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SPONSORED ARTICLE: McCain Happy days and nights

Two chefs explain how the McCain Chef Solutions Simply range helps to keep them and their customers happy throughout the day and night.


Meet Peter Walters, Executive Chef for Keele University “In addition to students and staff, we also cater for business conferences and events, fine dining and weddings. Across the university we can serve up to 5,000 customers a week, all with different needs and expectations, but whether we’re serving sausage and mash in our catered halls, creating croquettes for conference buffets, or duchess potatoes for weddings, McCain Our Chef Solutions Simply Mash helps us to deliver quality food throughout the day on a consistent basis at the right cost for us and our customers.”


Meet Steve Walpole, Consultant Chef to the food industry “There is not a chef in the industry that wouldn’t find the McCain Chef Solutions range beneficial in some way. Whether you’re running a fine dining establishment, banqueting, high street restaurant, or a small pub – cost, time, menu variety and offering consistent quality are areas that all chefs need to address and are all areas that the Chef Solutions range can help with. 


“Before I’d tried the Simply range, including Jackets, I might have found that hard to believe, but if chefs can get past the idea that they need to prep everything from scratch they will be delighted with what they find, and so will their customers because the results are fantastic and so consistent. The time that is saved on prep can also be spent by chefs doing what they are really good at - the cooking.


McCain Chef Solutions all day menu



Simply Dice and Slice are the perfect accompaniment to a traditional full English, or for a more continental start to the day, Simply Slice can be used to make a Spanish omelette. Light, fluffy potato cakes and bubble and squeak can be made in minutes using Simply Mash. 



Consistently great tasting oven baked jackets can be cooked on demand and offered as a light lunch option throughout the week using Chef Solutions Jackets. For traditional British favourites, Simply Mash is the perfect partner for sausages, and for roast dinner, Simply Roasts offer time saving, consistency and the option for chefs to cook them in their own signature style. For Italian favourites, Simply Mash also offers a great shortcut to delicious gnocchi.


The Simply Slice Spanish omelette can work well as part of a tapas menu in the evening, along with croquettes made with Simply Mash. Simply Roasts also make fantastic patatas bravas. 
For more premium options use Simply Slice for boulangere or dauphinoise potatoes, as a side for steak. For premium event catering, Duchess potatoes, made with Simply Mash look great and taste delicious. 


Explore the range for yourself

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Food Matters Live

Food Matters Live is the UK's only cross-sector event bringing together the food and drink industry, retailers, foodservice providers, government and those working in nutrition, to enable collaboration and innovation to support a sustainable food landscape for the future.


Providing a platform for thought-provoking, cross-sector debate and encouraging cross-sector collaboration. Taking place from 22 - 24 November 2016 at London’s ExCeL, Food Matters Live will include:

  • 600 leading organisations forming a carefully curated exhibition
  • 400 speakers participating in the conference and seminar programme
  • 100 free to attend conference and seminar sessions
  • Six educational and inspiring attractions
  • A series of special events presenting visitors and exhibitors with unique networking and business opportunities
  • Thousands of visitors from a range of professions and disciplines, including food science and manufacturing, R&D, food marketing and brand management, retailing, nutrition and public health


Food Matters Live is free to attend, register here now.

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Love Food, Hate Waste

As you will know TUCO were one of the founding signatories to WRAPs Courtauld Commitment 2025 and we have joined a number of their working groups including their Love Food, Hate Waste campaign.


Online tools such as the portion plannerreadymade meal plans, the Food Waste Assistant and the free App can all help make the most of the food we buy.


When numbers in a household change either temporarily or permanently, there is an impact on the amount of food that is wasted. The average amount of waste per person is highest in single occupancy households. Therefore, those setting up home by themselves for the first time and the smaller households that they leave behind may need some ideas and tips on changing the way in which food is managed to reduce the amount of food and money that is wasted. Love Food Hate Waste will be highlighting those household habits that may have served their time, and need changing if we are all to make the best use of the food that we buy.


With students leaving home for university they may become responsible for their own food budget for the first time at a time when student finances and the bank of Mum and Dad may be under serious strain. With graduates ending up with an average of £35-£40,000 of student loans, it’s good to know that by not wasting food at least the living costs can be reduced with even solo households saving £290 per year. Whether setting up home for the first time or living in student accommodation research shows that younger people (those between 18-24) tend to waste more on average that older age groups. This can be due to cooking, preparing and serving too much, having busy lives and lacking in food management skills that would help reduce waste. Older people tend to find that that food is thrown away because it’s not used in time.


Love Food Hate Waste will be focusing on those skills and habits that can help households adjust to whatever changes in numbers that they face. We will suggest some easy ideas and recipes for those setting up home for the first time that can help save both time and money.

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PG Tips launches new specialty tea and fruit & herbal infusions range

PG Tips launches new specialty tea and fruit & herbal infusions range to help operators grow their sales.


PG tips has released a new range of speciality teas and fruit & herbal infusions so foodservice operators can offer the UK's top selling flavours from the nation's favourite tea brand.


The new range includes English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Camomile, Peppermint and Raspberry in foil fresh envelopes. PG Tips has also launched a mixed case, which includes 25 envelopes of each flavour.


Rhodri Morgan, marketing manager, for Tea in Unilever Food Solutions, said: "Fruit and herbal infusions have seen 6% growth in year on year sales while green tea sales have surged by 12%. This quality offer will help operators to grow their frequency of purchase and upsell to a more premium offer and appeal to younger comsumers and a wider audience."


The teas and infusions in the range are available in a 6 x 25 envelope case format.

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Pricing Bulletin 30.08.16 to 09.09.16

Please note there is revised pricing on the following agreements




Fruit & Veg


Hot Beverage


Meat & Poultry



Now live, all rate sheets available on the supplier pages




New documents/reports are available:


New promotions now available on the promotions page.

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TUCOs Global Food & Beverage Trends Report 2016

In 2015 TUCO, in partnership with The Food People, produced our inaugural insights into Global Food Trends. The research provided our members with invaluable information to add to their caterer's toolbox when building the road ahead.


TUCO have again partnered with The Food People who have scoured the world and produced invaluable research on global food and beverage trends for 2017 and beyond.


Our team of global expert analysts have analysed world influencing factors that will impact our food and drinks sectors in the future. Once again, TUCO will lead you through exiting globalised food and drink trends, where we see the influence of Millennials and Generation Z'ers and the continued trends of health, wellbeing and sharing of food, knowledge and experience.


Allow TUCO to guide you through the latest powerful and exciting twelve key food and beverage trends as they emerge and establish in our catering and hospitality business. The report offers and abundance of opportunities for those wishing to be ahead of the curve.


The journey begins ...


Download your copy of the full report here.

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Important Changes to Stating 'No Gluten Containing Ingredients'

The FSA has released the below information on Non Gluten Containing Ingredients (NGCI)


The fact sheet applies to food businesses and food safety officers in England only. Feel free to contact Ned Mazhar in the Food Allergy and Intolerance Branch at the FSA on 020 7276 8553 if you have any questions.


Prepacked Food


What's Changed


NGCI labelling on prepacked foods is being phased out from 20 July 2016.


By 20 February 2018, we expect food businesses to bring their labels into compliance. Until then, food businesses can continue to place on the market prepacked foods with NGCI labels until those label stocks have been exhausted.


We also advise food businesses to share their approaches on reaching compliance with their enforcement officers, especially if it might not be possible to change their labels by 20 February 2018


What’s not changing


NGCI can be used in describing positive lists of everyday foods or a selection of products available for sale in a shop or online. 


Within these cases, NGCI can only be used as a factual statement when the business cannot guarantee their foods are gluten-free.    


Non-prepacked foods/ menus


What’s changed


A NGCI statement, which relates to any single dish on a menu, is being phased out from 20 July 2016. Descriptions such as “cottage pie: this dish has no gluten containing ingredients” should not be used.


By 20 February 2018, we expect food businesses to bring their menus into compliance. Where this is not possible, we advise food businesses to discuss approaches on reaching compliance with their enforcement officers.


What’s not changing


Food businesses can use NGCI in menus when listing a group of products/ dishes or in menu titles, to indicate that all the items in question do not have gluten containing ingredients. Examples include “(menu title) No gluten containing ingredients menu” or statements such as “All dishes on this menu do not use gluten containing ingredients”.

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New Food Waste Insight - by Sainsbury's

A new food waste report (by Sainsbury’s) has revealed the reasons why Britons bin 4.2 million tonnes of food each year. Reasons include: the lack of ‘stigma’ attached to throwing away food, people experimenting with new foods and disliking them, as well as people purchasing food for a specific recipe and struggling to use the bought ingredients again.


Detail of this report can be read here.


The research details four key influencers which drive wasteful habits.  These ‘influencers’ can also be applied to catering facilities as well as the British public:


  1. Awareness – lack of meal-planning and forward thinking
  2. Behaviour – consumers not using leftovers
  3. Role models – The lack of high-profile, waste reduction role models. Whilst there are foodie bloggers, chefs and social media stars, influencing new and exciting purchases, which is great, there is no one to really bring home the importance of utilising what has been bought to reducing food waste.
  4. Society – Food is very accessible and people are ‘living to eat’ rather than ‘eating to live’. 89% of people buy ingredients for a recipe and struggle to use that ingredient in another recipe again. This comes back to forward planning. 
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Keele Hall joins Venues of Excellence

Keele Hall nestled in the centre of Keele University Campus is the latest venue to join the prestigious consortium; Venues of Excellence.


To become a member of the consortium, The Grade II listed mansion, Keele Hall, completed an inspection by Board Members of Venues of Excellence, meeting with key members of the management team to review all aspects of the business when delivering conferences and events to the MICE markets.


Claire Snape, Deputy Director – Estates & Development (Residential and Commercial Services) on receiving confirmation of membership said: “Joining a consortium such as Venues of Excellence underpins our dedicated team of conference professionals who work within Keele Hall to deliver events throughout the year to both our internal University clients and to our external commercial clients.  In addition to the accreditation, our membership will enable us to network within the consortium and enjoy the full range of benefits from training opportunities to study tours, networking events to showcasing at key exhibitions within the MICE industry.”


The accreditation of membership to Venues of Excellence enhances the venues association with hospitality associations recognised by event managers when sourcing suitable venues to host their conference programmes.


Venues of Excellence currently has 31 member venues from Scotland to the South West of England, all delivering outstanding levels of customer care for the MICE markets. 

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