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The University Caterers Organisation Ltd (TUCO Ltd) is a private company limited by guarantee and is a membership organisation representing all in-house caterers operating within the Higher and Further Education sectors.



The FSA needs your comments....

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is seeking your views on draft technical guidance primarily aimed at food businesses that are small and medium size businesses.  This is a unique opportunity for TUCO Members to help shape the new regulations.

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The FSA needs your comments...
  • TUCO regional video released
    TUCO's regional video showcasing the dedicated work of TUCO's eight regions in the UK is now available for viewing.   The video was exclusively shown in today's Annual General Meeting at the TUCO Conference, in Liverpool.    To wa.. read more
  • Today's keynote speaker: Sir Drummond Bone
    Professor Sir Drummond Bone is master of Balliol College and Chair of the Arts and Humanities Research Council.   Drummond Bone graduated from Glasgow University, and was a Snell Exhibitioner at Balliol from 1968 to 1972. He became pr.. read more
  • Today's keynote speaker: Gordon Robertson
    Every organisation has its fair share of energy vampires – they are the ones who are always moaning and unhappy.   They infect others and create colonies of energy vampires. They have low morale and higher absence levels.   They .. read more
  • Swithenbank EXPO 2014
    Location: Swithenbank Marketplace, ..
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  • TUCO Annual Conference - ..
    Location: University of Liverpool, ..
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  • Nutrition & Special Diets
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  • Laboratory And Industrial G..
    The contracting authority f..
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